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describes several ways in addition to tea scale

2016-12-02 09:03:50
The benefits of drinking tea is well known, however, many of the old man's cup is yellowish black, accumulate the next layer of thick tea dirt, if not washed, often with such a cup of tea, can cause premature aging. Drinking tea is a great enjoyment of life. However, it was a cup of tea in the total plot of a thick layer of tea, and even that there are tea tea brewing out of tea more flavor. As everyone knows, tea dirt on human health is extremely unfavorable. 

Scientific research shows that drinking water contains minerals and trace of harmful heavy metal ions, such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic and so on. When the water heating, as the water temperature increases, some calcium and magnesium ion solubility decreased, increasing the concentration of insoluble salt, when the water is concentrated to a certain extent when the precipitation out. These precipitates can be brewed with water and into the cup, the tea will quickly oxidize to produce brown tea rust, which contains cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other harmful metals. Not drinking or stored for a long time exposed to the air in the tea, tea polyphenols and tea rust in the heavy metal material will occur oxidation of tea scale, and adhere to the tea wall, the more the plot thicker.

Tea dirt deposition has long been bad cleaning, can be heated rice vinegar or soaked with soda for a day and night, and then brushing can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush. It should be noted that, if you use a teapot, you do not need this cleaning. Teapot itself has pores, tea dirt in the minerals can be absorbed by these pores, the pot can play a conservation role, it will not lead to harmful substances "run" to the tea by the body to absorb.

The following describes several ways in addition to tea scale:

(1) to get rid of the tea made of metal tea, the use of metal tea every time, because of tea dirt and become black, such as the use of medium-cleaning agents can not wash, can be soaked with vinegar, or bleaching After soaking, it can be easily cleaned.
(2) to get rid of the tea cup or teapot on the tea scale, cup, teapot with a long time, it will be a lot of tea dirt, with a sponge dipped in salt friction can be easily removed.
(3) in addition to small pieces of tea dirt, you can soak it in the bleach or cleaning powder solution, and place a night, you can remove the tea scale.
(4) available toothpaste or broken eggshell scrub, and then rinse with water can be.

  Life there are many ways to remove the tea scale, there is always a right for you. In short, love to drink tea to love health, so that tea is a real enjoyment of life.
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