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Wine glasses on the role

1. Life Well, is to promptly music. High wine glass down a little water against the Erguotou plus Coke, plus garlic flavor fried peanuts, good comfort. 

stemless glass wine glasses

2. Wine glasses on the role of Bordeaux Cup, Burgundy Cup and Champagne Cup is a popular red wine glass. The shape of the cup in addition to the specific odor to highlight or soften the role of the edge of the cup will curl the angle of the head when drinking, wine entrance or sharp round shape of the shape of the difference, and these differences determine the wine entrance When the rate of flow, contact the depth of the mouth. The wine slowly flowing back from the front of the tongue, it will produce a very clear sweet taste. 

stemless Brandy Cup

3. I bought a 100 cup of red wine when the teacup [angry] do not know will not need to buy insurance to do explosion [doge]

Dubai exhibition

4 quietly steal a bottle of red wine to drink [Jesus] with red wine with cherry good [sinister] [insidious] for another red wine drink will be better [halo] [halo] fall in love with a person slowly drink the feeling, really do not want Grow up, the longer the more troubled the more ... ... woke up tomorrow to be found no wine supposed to be [insidious] I drink half a bottle of water or into a complete bottle [insidious] mysteriously [ Laugh cry]
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