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What's the height and size of a red wine glass

2017-05-26 10:14:48
What's the height and size of a red wine glass?

The size of the red wine glass has an effect on the red wine. To drink red wine, choose a bigger glass. Because the wine needs to contact with oxygen, it can release the fragrance. If it is old red wine, it is more necessary to use a large cup, so that you can quickly remove the perennial stored stale smell, to avoid interference with the mellow wine. The size of the red wine cup with different structure, its liquor volume and surface area ratio are different, the surface tension and capillary action are also different, the aroma components in wine are volatile.

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The ideal size of a red wine glass should be a thin, colorless, transparent, cup lined tulip cup. But there must be four to five centimeters long cup feet, so as to avoid the cup body by hand, wine temperature indirectly affect the temperature of the hand, but also convenient to observe the color of wine. A good cup of wine goblet size is 210 ~ 225ml capacity. The goblet leg should be high enough to set foot flat, the cup body can not be too short.

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If the cup leg is not high enough, in the hands of the people will seize the cup body, the heating cup of wine, wine to change the original state; if the cup foot plate is not big enough for peace, it can not be smoothly on the table; if the cup body is too high, will affect the wine aroma quantity, performance is not sufficient. The thickness of the cup wall should be thin and light. Ordinary red wine cup, cup body 155 + 5mm, cup height 100 + 2mm, cup belly diameter 65 + 2mm, cup mouth diameter 46 + 2mm, cup mouth wall thickness of 0.8 + 0.1mm, cup leg high 55 + 3mm, leg thick 9 + 1mm, foot dish diameter 65 + 5mm.

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