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What difference tulip champagne glass and champagne saucer

   Champagne saucer: refers to a special shape of the goblet, both for wedding and other festive celebration in the Champagne spring to build, to guests drinking champagne use, can also be used for other occasions, such as drinking in the bar, drinking cocktails Wait.

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    Champagne saucer is divided into two shapes, European and North American, both can be used for cocktail drinking, but also for snacks containers. The difference is that the European-style cup body rounded, soft; North American cup body is a triangle, lines directly and tough. This kind of light dish champagne cup there is another name called cocktail glass.

     Tulip Champagne Cup: because the champagne itself is a white wine, the difference is there is a bubble, so drinking champagne also use wine glass type glass glass, but more than the overall trend of the wine glass more streamlined, cup body slender, like tulips Flowers, cup mouth closed small cup and big belly big. It can live the aroma of wine, generally used to drink French champagne champagne region and other countries and regions produced grape sparkling wine. You can drink slowly and sip and enjoy the fun of wine in the cup.
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Tulip flower pattern

      Champagne saucer are mainly used for banquets, ceremonies when stacked champagne tower. It cup big, cup body flat, easy to stabilize the stack. Pouring wine, you can also let the champagne smooth and smooth flow to the lower glass to go.

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