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What are the types of cups

2017-05-12 10:35:33
According to the classification of materials, such as ceramic cups, glass, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, wooden fish cups, Cloisonne Cup, etc., according to the function is divided into daily cup, advertising cup, promotional cup, health cup, etc., according to the meaning is divided into alley cup , Couple cups, couple cups, etc., according to the structure of the process is divided into single-layer cup, double wall cups, vacuum cup, nano cup, energy cup, eco-cup.

double wall cups

As a new product in the cup, double wall cups has become the best tea tea drinking tea, especially brewing all kinds of tea, tea crystal clear, not only suitable for viewing and the best effect of red tea. At the same time glass cheap, welcomed by the vast number of consumers, glass has the following advantages:

double wall cups

1, material: cup body with high quality borosilicate crystal glass tube processing, high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean, health and health;
2, structure: cup body double insulation design, not only to keep the tea temperature, not hot, more convenient to drink;
3, the process: more than 600 degrees from the high temperature firing, adaptability to the temperature changes, not easy to burst.
4, health: food-grade standards, you can hold 100 degrees of high temperature hot water, tea, carbonic acid, acid and other beverages, anti-malic acid erosion, no smell not taste.
5, leak-proof: the inner layer of the outer lid and seal in line with medical-grade safety standards, effective leak-proof.
6, suitable for tea: green tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, tea, craft tea, fruit tea, soup color panoramic view, to enhance the quality of life.
7, according to customer requirements advertising cups, gift cups, image cups, promotional cups, the inner surface (mezzanine) can be baked flowers, silk screen Logo design custom services.

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