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What are the seven candle holders on behalf of Israel?

The seven candle holders of Israel are the emblem of Judaism and the central figure of the present national emblem of Israel.

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Originally a Jewish ceremonial instrument, the first candle holders was made of gold by the Israeli artisans and artists, according to the Bible, Exodus, chapter thirty-seventh. The middle of the seven lamps is slightly above the two sides of the lamp, which represents the Sabbath, and the other six represent the heavenly creation of the six days. The candle holders became the holy temple in the sanctuary of Jerusalem. In the year 64 BC, the commander of the Rites occupied Jerusalem, and robbed the holy vessels of the temple, and the disappearance of the golden candle holders. But in the Roman square on the eve of the Arc de Triomphe, the ancient coins on the Jewish tombs on the tombstone, the ancient synagogues with mosaic puzzle on the floor have seven candlestick patterns. It actually became the emblem of Judaism.

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After the establishment of the kingdom of Israel, the holy temple candle was brought to the homeless and afflicted Jews with light and comfort, and symbolized the hope of reconciliation and recovery, which was the solemnity of the Jewish respect for God. Thus determined to be 7 candlestick as the central figure of the national emblem. The emblem was shield, with blue as the background, white 7 candlestick shade center, both sides have a white olive branch.

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In the Jewish world, there are nine candlesticks for rituals. This is for the celebration of the Hanuka Festival. Every time the Hanuka Festival came, the Jewish family and the hall would have lit nine candlesticks. The middle of a higher one to light the other 8, the festival lit every day, 8 days all lit. The Hanuka Festival, also known as the festival, is a celebration of the victory of the Jews in Macbabi under the leadership of the monarchy in 165 years.

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