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To reason that wine

1. Woman smoke, misty mystery, not lit, it is not her aroma and graceful. Men such as wine, the longer the more Chen, do not precipitate, it will not be stable and tender to support. 
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2. In the late 17th century, glass firing technology matures, and the process is simple, low cost, health, sealed and other characteristics of glass bottles gradually popular. As the glass raw material is sandstone, limestone and so on, many impurities, burnt into the glass itself with color, and this color is dark green, and in the past, due to technical process restrictions there is no way to color, the traditional color has been Followed to the present. 

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3. Encounter a super nice glass. Intends to buy it in silence. After the rain the weekend, sitting on the sofa watching movies like. There are people to accompany me to drink. Perfect [vow]

4. Life filled with love, like a glass filled with wine.
Love is life in its fulness like the cup with the wine.
- Robin Delanert Tagore "Birds"
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