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The type of glass and the production process

1. Glass mold different methods:
Glass pushed the glass cup glass, blown there.

2. Differences in quality:
Ordinary glasses and advanced delicate glass.

3. Glass capacity point: King, Queen, 3 of 2 and 4,

4. Points of glass decoration method:
Print, paint, flower, fountain, sandblast, gilt, wear flowers,
"Sculpture, etching flower.

In terms of color: There are many varieties of landscape, zodiac, plant, animal, Fluke, figures, figures. 

Spirits glass

Glass quality 5. is: Frosted glass, nesting frosted glass, gold glass, wearing flowers, glasses etc, drawing, flower colored glass, wearing a color cup of melamine chrysostomos belong to advanced fine glass cup.

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Here, the main varieties were introduced as follows:

1. Blown Glass:

Blown glass is characterized by thin, bright side, good heat resistance to Beibi, mainly by printing, the painted flowers wear a different way of flowers and other decorations, a sophisticated appearance after molding, . 

Spirits glass

Conical cup plane of blown glass, round bottom cup plane, heavy bottom cup plain, plain cup-like drum, big mouth cup plane, comfort flower, round-bottom rim Laugh laughter cup rim wear cup, rim of tapered cup Wearing a covering flower cup wearing a colored flower cup, Melamine Cruzostomos in cup color, round bottom cup color drawing, nesting spent grinding cup.
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2. Press the glass:

Use of press molding method, Beibi thick, some designed patterns formed when pressed, please wear other methods of flowers and decorations after some printing.

Depending on the shape and decoration method,

It is as follows. Star bottom cup star, bar under cup star, 10 ft. Cup, double cup round melon, round melon half cup, long round melon cup, rattan cup, flat glass, round bottom cup, Tanzanian cup, waist cup, jewel cup, printing cup , Printing Cup Kurusosumo Screw Sost Moss Cup, Star Cruzos Tomo Screw Sost Moss Mellon Cup Round in the Cup Bottom, Round Bottom Cup Crusos Tomo Screw Sost Moss Rattan Cup, I = 1 cup of gold, Comfort Grinding Covering Cup, cup stripe, number comfort cup, ground glass cup.
In the case of

3. Glass Cup: 

Spirits glass

The use of glass cup, press molding method is glass of hardening treatment.

The glass cup hangs durable cup wall thickness, heat resistance, high mechanical strength, made after surface processing without any decoration.

The glass cup is as follows. Plain cup, melon round, Tanzanian cup, drum shaped cup, half cup of cup and some melon round wicker cup.
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