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The history of the skull shot glass

A skull shot glass refers to a goblet made from the human skull. In many parts of the world, there are records of skull cups. Any of several nomadic peoples of Eurasia desert regions having the custom of making glass by the heads of their slain enemies. In Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, also used the monk's skull made a kapala bowl, for abhisheka use.

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The skeleton cup, which first appeared in the historical records of the East, appeared in the historical data of the Warring States period. According to "war state policy" and "historical records" records, Zhao Xiangzi after the attack of Chi Chi, deep hate Zhi Bo, will Po's head painted lacquer, made of drinking utensils.

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During the Han Dynasty, there was a record of the use of skull cups by the huns. According to Sima Qian's "historical records" records, during the period of Laoshang Chanyu Hun defeated incumbent Yuezhi killed, Yuezhi king, the king's head with Yuezhi made drinking utensils. In the "Han", also with the Han Dynasty envoy made Chanyu Yuezhi head Wang's Cup blood alliance records.

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In the Yuan Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty imperial tombs excavated Lianzhen Yang Jia, Song Lizong's skull to Dili division eight Si Ba, made a kapala bowl.
Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty ordered the head of a corrupt official to be a skull cup.

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