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The difference between lead-free glass and leaded glass

The glass was divided into normal glass, crystal glass, crystal glass, divided into two types: unleaded crystal glass, lead crystal glass cup. How can we distinguish it from lead-free glass?

This way, we can do with many aspects of lead-free glass and lead glass, by looking at the difference between light and heavy, logo, color, heat resistance etc, is very simple.

In the case of

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   How to identify lead-free glass

General crystal glass products that cause oxidation, in some supermarkets, that is, lead glass, lead and stall, lead-free glass is generally potassium, mainly for high-end products, packaging has identity There is a maximum of 24% content of 1 refer to the signboard.

; Refractive characteristics of lead-free glass more refined than the conventional lead crystal glass, such as some decorations, such as various modeling, crystal glass, crystal lamp etc, more perfect show refraction characteristics of metallic glass: 2, see the color Lead glass.

Glass can generally withstand high temperatures, but in general see the extreme cold and thermal performance of poor resistance: 3, heat resistance. Lead-free glass ruptures with cold water If you decide to rely on unleaded crystal glass, in particular, it strictly expands and belongs to a coefficient that is highly resistant to extreme high temperature and low temperature performance.

4, severity weighing: lead crystal glass products compared to unleaded crystal glass, it looked slightly thick.

Figure 5 Listening to the sound: Metal lead crystal bead sound beyond lead-free glass sounds a more melodious, rich reputation such as "music" cups.

6, see the toughness: Lead-free crystal than glass that is more resistant to affect the toughness properties lead-free.
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In the case of

The national standard has not yet developed unleaded crystal glass

Since our country is not the current national standard crystal glass, so many companies refer to the EU standard of production.

Lead-free, EU standard with crystal glass in three types of lead and lead. A high lead content of lead oxide glass reaches 36%, leading to 24% lead oxide glass content.

According to EU standards Crystal glass containers case, no matter how many kinds of products containing lead, international society, tough regulations on the human body can not be safe. However due to lack of standards, we can not eliminate arbitrariness of individual manufacturers, product quality assurance situation difficult situation.

Shenzhen ruixin glassware factory

Therefore, we recommend using lead glass in everyday life trying to avoid blooming acidic drinks and food, it is best to use ordinary glass. Use of unleaded crystal glass such as safer and more reliable glass and kitchen utensils permitted by the conditions.
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