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Summer can not be called summer without ice cream

How can summer summer without ice cream! Under the scorching sun to feel the cool and sweet between the lips and teeth, is the summer open way ~ A group of the 1930s Lorraine region, produced crystal lattice ice cream cup, feel heavy, With perfect! 
champagne saucers

The ice cream ball some monotonous, into the coffee or bread, it brings a different taste [praise] [praise] [praise] [laughing]; ]. Coffee ice cream cup - freshly ground coffee [coffee] mellow and thick creamy ice cream stacked, full of taste [glutton] [glutton] and wonderful
champagne saucers
The white chair and the old wooden table do not make any difference, but with the dark red glass vase and fruit plate on it, the vitality of the whole space is mobilized. Colorful flowers and bright fruit is the best decoration
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