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Just bought double wall cup into the boiling water will not crack

Just bought double wall cup into the boiling water will not crack

double wall cup with handle

First of all explain the reasons for the glass explosion: pour into the water, the glass wall and water contact, the temperature increased rapidly, because the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the wall began to expand the glass, and the outer wall because only contact with the air, and glass The heat conduction is very slow, so that the temperature of the outer wall can not be fast at the same time increased, so the speed of expansion of glass inside and outside the different, resulting in broken glass explosion. Whether the explosion depends mainly on two factors:

double wall cup

1. The thickness of the glass wall. The greater the thickness of the cup, the slower the heat transfer, the more likely to cause the expansion rate is inconsistent, causing an explosion. Hot water bottle gall bladder is done very thin, is to avoid the explosion.

small double glass cup

2. The temperature difference between indoor temperature and boiling water. The greater the temperature difference, the same principle, will also lead to different internal and external expansion rate, leading to explosion. That's why most of the glass explodes occurred in the winter, and the summer rarely happened.

double wall glass cup

To avoid the glass explosion of a simple way: pour into the water before the first into a small amount of boiling water, and shake a few times, so that the glass fully heated expansion, and then pour a lot of water, much safer.
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