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Is not it a brother? Brothers will be doing it

1. They are in my heart like a group of young people. At this time I raised his glass to reveal something. This is a new generation of martial arts, they are still growing, always growing there and growing eventually. 

Hand-painted wine glass

Figure 2 listening to the sound of the ice crash on the interior is better and into the bottle of a good wine bar ~ ~, is really hot

Together 3 days to drink, 3 colleagues, drink high, talk about the ideal to me, talk about life, I say: My dream is the same as the salary of thousands of my dad 's salary. At that time, they were shocked: FML, you did not see it is a rich second ah. I said that it is long, my father said long, not ah, with a monthly salary more than a million, reached for the glass.

Hand-painted wine glass

4 Drunk father carrying male tea, mother said to him: "This hangover for this down drink solution" Dad company's answer: Dad watching that way, I really do not drink " "And the brothers brothers took away their children from the hands of the mother glass against their father:" No brothers brothers are doing it. "Dad grabbed the glasses and said:" The first good brothers for the king "Mom surprised the spot ......
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