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Introduction to the process of double layer glass

Introduction to the process of double layer glass

Glass is made of double layer glass, which is usually made of high borosilicate glass. It is fired by more than 600 degrees high temperature. It is a new type of green tea cup, which is more and more popular.
double layer glass

As a detail of production and processing, for many manufacturers, especially those entrepreneurs involved in preparing glass and other products manufacturing, to understand the "glass production process and production process that the points of knowledge security is the premise of doing so.
Glass production process description.

double layer glass

The double layer glass making process mainly covers: 1, support silk; 2, blow ball; 3, skin openings; 4, inner opening of the liner; 5; interface; 6, back cover; 7, affixed trademarks; 8, annealing. As long as the quality of the above eight processes to standardize the operation, a ring. Of course, many in need of special processing glass, but also relates to the printing process and the integration of workflow, as some patterns are the main process of screen printing and decorating paper. Here, do not explain the classification. The key lies in the demand of customers and production enterprises docking good information in this regard, so that it can make high-quality qualified products.

double layer glass