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In all the materials of the cup, the glass is the most healthy

The cat uses only a glass of water to drink. Before she broke a porcelain bowl, meow cried over to lead me to see. For another bowl, she just do not have to drink the water before the guests drink water to drink his forepaws. Is not that transparent and transparent is the water? This attachment is really my cat ah.
beer glass 

2. Today, get a big pot of lemon black tea, for how at home can not find a simple and lovely glass of this matter I said helpless. Taste, uh, I still prefer to drink Vitamin lemon tea ... 

Champagne glass

3. In all materials cup, the glass is the health of the glass in the process of burning [love you] does not contain organic chemicals, when people use glass to drink water or other beverages, do not have to Worried that chemical substances will be drunk. And the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt is not easy to breed in the cup wall. Fragile is the biggest drawback of glass, and glass thermal conductivity, easy to hot to their own, to avoid dress
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