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Humorous short stories

1. errands, grocery shopping on the way to buy flowers, make dinner, put it in a clear glass. A bowl of rice, vegetables, vegetarian soup, two, one to eat.

2 glasses neatly placed in a white case for storage, the overall feeling is simple, neat.

3. HsuSean designed glass temperature changes (DrinkingTimingglass), the use of thermochromic materials with different cups of the beverage temperature, show a different visual indication. Such as 80 degrees, bright red color, 55 degrees, light red, white 35 degrees. With this visual display, to understand while drinking.
red wine Decanter
4. I use an empty glass and sulfuric acid produced paper silhouette style candlestick with a marker in the above picture, to promote green living

5. If you look closely, some plastic cups with a long time will be shares of unpleasant smells, it is because the high temperature of chemicals released. Glass formed at high temperatures, it does not produce harmful substances.
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