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How toxic glass produced

  • Author:Biao
  • Release on:2016-09-12
According to related statistics, McDonald's sold glass is coated with a poisoning due to the human body can cause adverse cadmium that cause.

Recently a glass manufacturer is responsible to the people I represent network cup pot, causing poisoning of lead crystal glass is usually coated with a paint cup and glass.
Glass coated with toxic paint of colorful glass though give people a pleasant feeling for our lives to add a lot of fun. But the fast-paced world of colorful glass, but contains harmful or toxic elements such as lead, chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, manganese and other heavy metals, as well as arsenic, fluorine, chlorine, sulfur and other non-metallic.

In industrial processes, will release these elements, gasification, air pollution, water that cause human suffering.

Experts recommend that consumers choose glass to drink water, avoid the use of glass wall coated with paint and inexpensive lead crystal cup.

Wherein such coated with cadmium pigment contained in the glass, but also on the respiratory tract irritation, long-term exposure can cause anosmia, gums become the macula or yellow circle, cadmium compounds can not easily be absorbed in the intestine, but may be breathing absorbed by the body, it accumulates in the liver or kidney harm, especially to the kidney damage is most obvious. It can also lead to osteoporosis and softening. Toxic and lead-crystal glass crystal glass in because it contains lead, if used to hold water or acidic drinks, glasses of lead will dissolve in water after hitting the hot water, because the reaction with acidic substances and acidic beverages loaded induce harmful toxic substances. Currently on the market circulation crystal glasses are mainly two: lead-free crystal glass and lead crystal glass. The former general potassium, mostly for high-end crafts and a logo on the packaging; the latter lead, that is, in some supermarkets and stall common crystal glassware, lead oxide in an amount up to 24%. When the cup was made of lead crystal artificial bloom liquor, cola, honey and fruit juice containing acid and other acidic drinks or other acidic foods, daily life. Lead ions may form soluble lead salt with a beverage or food is ingested, a serious health hazard. According to Zhu, director of poisoning on West Fourth Hospital of Sichuan University professor introduced, mostly in the form of lead free state or inorganic compounds through the blood-brain barrier, vascular rich central nervous system - the hippocampus and cerebral cortex harm. When the blood lead levels of 30 micrograms / liter, there will be generalized weakness, dizziness, headache, anemia, memory loss, muscle and joint pain and neurological toxicity, constipation, irregular menstruation and other female. Arteriosclerosis, peptic ulcers and retinal bleeding and other symptoms are also related to lead contamination. Elevated blood lead levels, the patient has a metallic taste in the mouth, in patients with intravascular penetration of moisture between the brain matter will lead to cerebral edema and cerebral hemorrhage, demyelinating disease and other pathological changes. When long-term exposure to lead and its compounds, an excess of lead will be deposited in the skeleton, buried fracture risk.

On how to identify lead-free glass and leaded glass, described in detail in a glass cup pot of information in the network, you may wish to refer to its authentication method for themselves to buy a really good cup of water with health.
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