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How to quickly drink a bubble-rich beer

Happy weekend: Irish wine drinkers at the bar, one of them took out a bottle of Irish whiskey, and asked the other: "If I die first, can you spill this bottle of wine on my grave?" His friend replied, "Do you mind if it 's going to take my kidney now?" 

30ml shot glass

2. Beer cup, as long as the beer and then click on the button on the handle, the bottom of the cup will automatically create a large number of dense foam, simple and easy to make you quickly drink the bubble-rich beer. 

30ml shot glass

3. I leave the bike with a feeling of walking, always find the United States; today sat here for a whole afternoon; no birds called birds, cell phone music, watching the ants climbing in the feet, beer cup bubble A grain of blasting; temperature, sun, wind, air, everything is just right; I seem to have been smiling, like this simple and simple life! 

30ml shot glass

4. Clarified golden beer, floating on top of the fine bubbles, through the iced beer cup, drink the moment, accompanied by Mai Xiang slide into the throat, that cool and fun feeling, really makes people hooked ah
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