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How to make glass crafts

2016-11-11 09:06:52
Blown glass, the other for the blow molding method. Is to take out the right amount of glass solution, placed in one end of the iron blowing, blowing side, side rotation, and skilled techniques, the use of scissors or pliers to shape.

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Many types. The main ingredients are sodium glass; potassium glass, glass, the main component is silica sand, soda ash, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, lime and bauxite, lead Dan. Glass is the bottle; lead glass, glass equipment is the. Silicon in Hsinchu is produced in the Kansai area, but in recent years iron content is high, the quality is slightly worse, so most are still imported from Malaysia. First silicon sand, lime, soda ash, etc. into the crucible kiln, 1,450 degrees Celsius under high temperature for sixteen hours, to be mixed melt into a thick liquid, placed in the mold, to shape, and then After twelve hours of cold-plus-style treatment. During which impose sandblasting, Tim color, embedded in gold foil, grinding flowers, sculpture, medicine soaked decorative techniques. Also used in the firing of a variety of metal hair coloring agent, into the glass just has a different color.

Glass forming process: 

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To make it cool forming, glass glass material is generally dissolved after the formation of liquid liquid viscosity. Most of the models are blow-molded, using a variety of material models, such as wood, clay, metal and other required pre-made type device, the molten glass into the model, to be cooled and then open the model Serve, Used to blow glass can not be made of the apparatus, most of the factories are using this method can be mass-produced
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