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How to identify the quality of double walled glass cup

How to identify the quality of double walled glass

The quality of the double walled glass cup depends on the purity of the raw materials, if the raw materials of high borosilicate is impure, that the firing out of the glass prone to mark marks, small bubbles, scrub particles. The appearance of this flaw greatly affected the quality and beauty of the cup. And small bubbles and frosted particles are likely to cause damage to the cup, causing the cup of glass material off or burst. So I hope everyone in the purchase of double walled glass cup, pay attention to check.

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Thickness to be consistent: that the various parts of the glass glass material distribution to be symmetrical. When the selection, the drink to observe the light, if the light everywhere, seamless, then the thickness of the same; if the difference between the brightness is too large, then the thickness is inconsistent. When selected, from the outside side, the bottom should be horizontal, but not the slope or pot bottom; with your fingers flick the walls, should be issued a sweet voice. The following are the same as the "

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Appearance to be beautiful: that is, the surface to be smooth; cup gloss is better; geometric shape; cup cover can not be too loose or too tight, teapot, cup shape to coordinate.

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