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How to choose a good glass

Initial step: pure and transparent glass, exquisite processing technology, to see if fine workmanship to protect the glass body. If glass seems to have impurities, bubbles, it will be very coarse, which will affect the appearance of the glass.

2nd stage: We pay attention to the inner and outer glass layers carefully when you have to observe the cup, but you can burn yourself, burst tend to choose glass so inject hot water After cracking the cracked glass is not cracked.

Hand painted wine glass

Step 3: Generally, the only smell of plastic material, relatively fewer cups and some odors are relatively large, even if the glasses are not odor, even if they are rinsing them with water, Whether it's a cup of places to get a smell of smell near you, and not worried very much, as it would not be a side once or twice.

Fourth stage: anti-wrestling, to some extent, not only to some extent insulated, the observed glass thickness, glass, some thick, some thin, we try to choose the material Then the quality is relatively thick glass worn. 

Hand painted coloured glass cup

Step 5: Looking at the materials available on the market, there are many materials for making glass, but high-end, fine glass In general, the preferred material is borosilicate glass such as glass frit. Because this glass heat resistance, cold resistance and abrasion resistance, impact resistance performance is not so dramatic turbulence due to temperature difference with broken glass, very good. Therefore, we need to pay attention to buy glasses. This choice is what kind of materials glasses.
Hand painted Water Cup
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