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Glass engraving machine performance characteristics
Release on 2018-05-03Glass engraving machine performance characteristics Let's start with a detailed introduction to the glass engraving machine: The glass engraving machi...Read More>>
Everyone knows wine glasses, but how much do you know about red/white wine glasses?
Release on 2018-04-26Choosing a suitable wine glass can improve the visual effect and the aroma and taste of the wine; the degree of contact between the wine and the air i...Read More>>
How was the candle holder invented?
Release on 2018-03-06How was the candle holder invented? Historians note that the first "standard candles" were made from spermaceti wax. Also, a pure spermaceti candle is...Read More>>
What happens to candle wax as the candle burns?
Release on 2018-03-05The primary purpose of wax is to sustain the candle flame. Essentially, all wax constitutes of hydrocarbons. When we light the candle wick, the heat ...Read More>>
How can I decorate my room with tealight candles holders?
Release on 2018-03-02How can I decorate my room with tealight candles holders? Seashell candle These candles will look particularly beautiful in the summer and they’re th...Read More>>
What happens if a lit candle is lowered in a container filled with liquid oxigen?
Release on 2018-03-02As the candle approaches the liquid oxygen, it will most likely burn brighter due to the extra oxygen in the air that is constantly evaporating from t...Read More>>
Why should you not make candle holders out of flammable material?
Release on 2018-03-01I have seem too many holders made of flammable material. When the candle burns down, possibly when the user is sleeping, the base catches on fire and ...Read More>>
What can you do with leftover candle jars?
Release on 2018-03-01There are loads of things you can do with your leftover candle jars! I’m not sure how large your jars are, but if they’re anything close to a mason ...Read More>>
Wine Aerator Premium Aerating And Glass Decanter Spout Black
Release on 2018-02-09The Wine Aerator Pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake system that utilizes the Bernoulli Effect to infuse your wine with the OPTIMAL amo...Read More>>
Glass packaging industry on the classification of glass bottles and requirements
Release on 2018-02-09Can be sealed with a lid or stopper, can be used to hold a variety of hollow glass products quantitative. Widely used as beverage, alcohol, chemicals,...Read More>>
How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?
Release on 2018-02-08How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good? Drinking water can supplement the body of water loss, the same, how to buy glass for us this ...Read More>>
Shall we need to decanting Whiskey?
Release on 2018-02-05Shall we need to Decanting Whiskey? We all know we need to decanting wine before drink it.For whiskey, shall we decant it as well before having it? Th...Read More>>
Is serving wine or whiskey out of a crystal decanter poisonous?
Release on 2018-02-05Is serving wine or whiskey out of a crystal decanter poisonous? The concern is that lead is used in the making of crystal, and that lead potentially c...Read More>>
Why do wine glasses cup or goblet glass have stems?
Release on 2018-01-31Why do wine glasses cup or goblet glass have stems? It has been acquired traditionally to have stems in wine glasses. Although there are reasons behin...Read More>>
How to Hold a Wine Glass Civilized?
Release on 2018-01-30In case you’re curious, here’s how to hold a wine glass with the utmost social etiquette. Your grandmother will be happy. How to Hold a Wine Glass? ...Read More>>
What are the stems of wine glasses for?
Release on 2018-01-30What are the stems of wine glasses for? Some people think that the taste of the wine gets harmed by holding the bowl of the glass directly with the ha...Read More>>
How to customize shot glasses
Release on 2017-08-23customize shot glasses is welcomed by buyers, many people want to have a cup of your spirits, unique personality, out of the ordinary, this is the mos...Read More>>
Buy glass jars wholesale at RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-08-15A glass jar wholesale many buyers will choose to import, in some developed countries because of the reason of this kind of glass tank policy products ...Read More>>
Buy glass storage jars with lids to RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-06-17China's goods are inexpensive This is the world's people know that because of low labor manufacturing capacity of China to produce a large number of h...Read More>>
Why is it best to use a champagne flute when champagne flutes
Release on 2017-06-14Why is it best to use a champagne flute when champagne flutes? In Wine world, different types of wine with the corresponding wine glass, for champagne...Read More>>
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