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Glass cup of some stories

1. Yesterday, buy a new double-layer glass in a cup full of boiling red jujube wolfberry water, I die to tighten the lid. With the side of the Shu-side talk to the quilt upside down to play. "Bang" bang, double-bottomed glass are flying out, hot water, red dates, wolfberry sprinkled a table, fortunately, did not hurt people. 
Double glazing glass
2. Air conditioning, cool, glass of green tea, softly whispering music. Summer seems to be back

3. The suffocating ... bubble tea the best choice of glass, in addition to brew a good export and nutrition of the tea, you can also enjoy the rose tea in the water blooming state

Double Cup

4 holding you in the palm of your hand when you are a glass, I let go of the glass fell to the ground you are a pile of glass slag.
5. Can not imagine how many broken glass this semester, really toxic, each time a broken feel a bear's pain, my little heart
Double Cup
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