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Drink champagne master five steps

 1. Drink champagne master five steps】 1. The best drinking temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 12 ℃, drinking flat in the refrigerator 3 hours before. 2. The champagne down to the glass 1/2 or 2/3, with the thumb, middle finger and index finger grip cup, observe the wine color. 3. Qinghuang cup, so that the wine has good contact with the air. 4. To be a little bubble in the cups settled down, you can smell the. 5. A small amount of champagne into the mouth, savor its taste. 

Couples champagne glasses

2. Champagne is not only appealing taste, it has become a wedding on the works of art, you can not forget to lift the glass when the elegant finger lines, the wall when the cups crisp melody, light sip when melted in the mouth smile .

3. did not think of beer and champagne can also play so stout and champagne from the iced side of the glass into the side, thin foam, such as velvet mellow, I heard this cocktail or the German Otto Van Bismarck Prince's love

Couples champagne glasses

4. New Year ago to buy a red wine and champagne glasses, and I found a bottle of N years ago in Avignon to buy the bottle stopper, and then have been thinking about a cup of ice wine, and finally free this morning to buy platycodon And ice wine, will not live up to this crystal glass 

Couples champagne glasses

5. despise I drink glasses of champagne, and finally to buy the shape of the champagne glass, the best to maintain the durability of the bubble there is no tall on the wow
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