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Customers choose Chinese domestic red wine glass manufacturers
Release on 2018-08-18Foreign customers choose Chinese red wine glass manufacturers [Ruixin glass], quality directly chasing German wine glass manufacturers in the wine gla...Read More>>
Taiwanese customers looking for a red wine glass custom factory chose Ruixin Glass
Release on 2018-08-06Ruixin Glass has a special fate with red wine glasses this year~ From the 2018 to the beginning of June, most of the current business is to customize ...Read More>>
Where are the wine glass manufacturers?
Release on 2018-07-19Where are the wine glass manufacturers? Where are the Shenzhen wine glass manufacturers? Shenzhen RuixinGlass Products Co., Ltd. is a red wine cup in ...Read More>>
How to grow up from a small whiskey customer
Release on 2018-07-16How to grow up from a small whiskey customer To be a business to receive a whisky cup customer, we must first understand what the customer is doing, w...Read More>>
Which is better for wholesale red wine glasses?
Release on 2018-07-05Which is better for wholesale red wine glasses?Speaking of wine glass wholesale, yesterday, salesman Xiao Li received a call from a customer, Mr. Wang...Read More>>
Where can I specifically buy sea glass candle holders in bulk?
Release on 2018-05-07Where can I specifically buy sea glass candle holders in bulk? Established in 1997, Shenzhen Ruixin Glassware Co., Ltd covers an area of 90000 square ...Read More>>
Personalized Wine Glass Engraved with Your Custom Text-RuixinGlass
Release on 2018-05-03Personalized Wine Glass Engraved with Your Custom Text-RuixinGlass 1. Customize your engraved wine glass with anything you desire! We often etch humor...Read More>>
Happy Women's Day RuixinGlass
Release on 2018-03-08Happy Women's Day RuixinGlass Today is happy women's day! All of our female colleagues have half one day holiday, Each female colleague, a bunch of ro...Read More>>
PK Game in 2018 of riuxinglass company
Release on 2018-02-06PK Game in 2018 of riuxinglass company PK Game in 2018 of riuxinglass company Shenzhen Ruixin Glassware Co.,Ltd. specialized in glass manufacturing fi...Read More>>
Ruixin glassware 2018 Annual meeting
Release on 2018-02-03Ruixin glassware 2018 Annual meeting Ruixin glassware 2018 Annual meeting. Shenzhen ruixin glassware co.ltd we have 10 years customize glassware exper...Read More>>
Company Went To The Hong Kong Exhibition And Convention Center To Arrange The Exhibition
Release on 2017-10-20Hong kong exhibition calendar 2017,Hong Kong exhibition held as scheduled, with years of experience in the exhibition RuixinGlass early to feel the ex...Read More>>
September, the first wave of customer visits to discuss cooperation
Release on 2017-09-08September is the largest trading platform China Alibaba procurement section in this month, many businesses will be concentrated in the factory on the ...Read More>>
Client who has come from Sweden to seek cooperation
Release on 2017-08-17Yesterday (August 16th) the company received a customer from Sweden, the customer from the long-term China imported some daily necessities for home sa...Read More>>
China cheap glass candle holders wholesale manufacturer&exporter
Release on 2017-08-14China glass manufacturing industry after ten years of development of all walks of life have entered a rapid growth, and glass manufacturing after a go...Read More>>
Another Australian customers come to discuss cooperation
Release on 2017-08-12In August, the weather in China is bustling with activity. Besides the hot weather, our staff are also full of vigor and vitality. They have invited c...Read More>>
The company changed the traditional energy consumption mode and switched to electric power productio
Release on 2017-07-29Division I in the use of 'power' alternative ', the production targets have reached environmental protection requirements. No longer afraid of environ...Read More>>
RuixinGlass 2017 third-team events
Release on 2017-05-24520 third-team activities succeed a lot, you are getting better and better, the more you are racing with the team, believe that every person in this c...Read More>>
Welcome from Dongguan, Mr. Lee to the company to discuss the purchase of perfume bottles
Release on 2017-05-06Dongguan, Mr. Li 4 early in the morning from the side rushed to the company, the company's salesman Lisa first time to come over to discuss the purcha...Read More>>
Companies to participate in Hong Kong household goods exhibition
Release on 2017-04-21In 2017, the Hong Kong Household Products Fair was held in an annoying event. It was honored that the company was able to attend the exhibition and ha...Read More>>
This month we take the HKTDC fair
Release on 2017-04-18This month we take the HKTDC fair Exhibition name: HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware 2017 Date:From April 20 to April 23,2017 Booth No.:1B-E30 At the end of t...Read More>>
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