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Beautiful glass candle holder DIY handmade

Beautiful glass candle holder DIY handmade, you can imagine at night after the light, it will create a romantic atmosphere ~ like a small partner, ready an abandoned glass bottles, ribbons, lace and paint, followed by the following graphic Tutorial to DIY a bar ~ ~ ~

glass candle holder DIY

These are the materials and tools you need.
glass candle holder DIY

First of all, glass bottles clean, dry, and then use a different pigment on the surface of the glass DIY DIY many points.

glass candle holder DIY

Followed by the use of ribbons and lace decorative glass bottles.
glass candle holder DIY

Wrap the ribbon and lace into a glass vial and then hit the bow.
glass candle holder DIY

Night after the effect of light, is not feeling the production of this glass candlestick really value it ?!