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Always go to the same place is a good habit

Always go to the same place is a good habit
If found on the falling cups [laugh cry] 

Stained glasses

2. nap up and wash your face and saw a small Hainan holding a small stool and a large glass sitting in the corridor. "What are you doing here?"

3. In the past, every new place, want to buy anything new, old one do not want to take; now, more understand the choice of life, but also more empathy in one sentence, memories give power, no matter where you In the hands, even if it is a multi-year cup, you will feel accompanied, powerful. The future will be better 

Spray color glasses

4 cups for the nearest hand can get the place [hum] plant or do not use the cup habitual hand almost did not give it to drink [digging the nose]
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