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mechanism of pressed glass and glass technology differences

What kind of glass containers and processes are suitable for these two production methods.

The process of pressing the glass, the container wall to be straight up and down, there is no bending part, while the external can be irregular or carving patterns, with handles and so on.
In this case, 
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The production process for the liquid glass from the guide trough directly into the molding die, the pressure punch directly under the pressure in the air pressure, and then open the mold (a manual mold and the machine automatically open mold, etc.), with artificial or machine bottle clamp Live glass into the baking carousel, after baking into the annealing furnace, the second annealing, you can check the packaging.
In this case,
Mechanism of the glass process is: line mechanism Glass bottle process is the pressure blow method, you can blow the bottle diameter greater than the diameter of the glass container, is the process of blowing twice, the machine structure is more complex than the repression.
In this case, 
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Liquid glass through the guide trough into the embryonic mold, after the flutter head flutter gas, the formation of the prototype bottle, through the mouth of the bottle clamp flip into the molding die, and then blowing the first pressure blow to form a complete glass Bottle shape, through the conveyor belt to the secondary annealing furnace annealing, you can check out the packaging.