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experts advise commonly used glasses drinking acid beverages easy poisoning

The market flow of crystal glass containers in two: lead-free crystal glass and lead-containing crystal glass. The former is generally potassium, mostly high-end handicrafts and logo on the packaging; the latter is lead, that is, in some supermarkets and stalls on the common crystal glassware, the content of lead oxide up to 24%. 
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In this case,
In daily life, lead-containing artificial crystal cups containing alcohol, cola, honey and acid-containing fruit juice and other acidic beverages or other acidic foods, lead ions may form soluble lead salts with the beverage or Food intake by the human body, a serious health hazard. According to Professor Zhu Qichang, lead and more in the form of free state or inorganic compounds through the blood-brain barrier, the blood vessels of the central nervous system - the hippocampus and cerebral cortex harm. When the blood lead concentration of 30 micrograms / liter, there will be generalized fatigue, dizziness, headache, anemia, memory loss, muscle and joint pain, constipation, female menstrual disorders and other neurotoxic reactions. Arteriosclerosis, peptic ulcer and fundus hemorrhage and other symptoms are also related to lead pollution. In high blood lead levels, the patient has a metallic taste in the mouth, the patient's intravascular water infiltration into the brain interstitial brain edema can lead to cerebral hemorrhage, demyelinating lesions and other pathological changes. When the long-term intake of lead and its compounds, the excess lead will be deposited in the bones, buried fracture risk. 
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In this case,
However, the early lead poisoning is often difficult to find, especially the long-term use of lead-containing glassware drinking acidic drinks, as well as long-term chronic poisoning, but no obvious history of exposure to lead was misdiagnosed. Professor Zhu Qizhang suggested that people in their daily lives when using lead-containing glassware should be avoided in full bloom acidic drinks or food, it is best to use ordinary glassware. Conditions permitting, the use of lead-free crystal glass as a glass and kitchen utensils, so that more secure and reliable.
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