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Introduction of cocktail glasses

Introduction of cocktail glasses

Martini Glass

The martini cup is the most common cocktail glass, so it is also often called "cocktail glass". Its volume is typically 5-10 ounces and can be used to hold various types of martini cocktails. It is also a variety of high-alcoholic cocktails, such as cosmopolitan, Manhattan and Sidecar.

handmade cocktail glasses

Margarita Glass

The Margherita Cup is designed for agate-inspired Margaret cocktails, which is slightly larger than the Martini cocktail glass and can usually contain 10-15 ounces of wine. It is characterized by a relatively high cup handle, cup bottom small, upper large; upper edge is usually decorated with salt, lime slices or other decoration. Many cocktails can use this cup, such as Daiquiri (Daiquiri) cocktail.

handmade cocktail glasses