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How much is in one shot glass

Shot glass its price may be different in different countries, some countries because of Gao Ang labor costs and the price so high spirits cup, and glass products industry because it will cause environmental pollution because of the government ban the production of such products will Shot glass leads to a price increase, there is little that is relevant and glass production process if all you need is a glass without any processing that its price will be very cheap, if you need to spray the glass color, electroplating, decals, printed logo then it will be a corresponding rise in the price of some, if it is imported from other countries also need glasses because of the need freight so the final price will be shot glasses are more expensive, a 2 oz shot glass in China The price will be 0.6USD, if you need a lot of the number of concessions can be a lot cheaper.

shot glass 2 oz

shot glass 2 oz
shot glass 2 oz