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Bulk Votive Candle Holders Wholesale Custom Made - RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-09-22Bulk votive candle holders wholesale custom made,Each supplier will have strict requirements on their own products, do not want to sell their products...Read More>>
10 years of professional glassware manufacturing experience,Buy Quality Jars At RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-09-21Buy the best glass jar at ruixinglass,We have 10 years of glassware manufacturing experience,Is a specialized manufacturer of glassware.At present, th...Read More>>
Affected by the domestic environmental policy carton prices rose again
Release on 2017-09-13Affected by domestic environmental policy, Chinese many carton production faces no available a paper, many factories have insufficient supply of raw m...Read More>>
China drinking glass supplier best everyday drinking glasses wholesaler
Release on 2017-09-12China drinking glass supplier&wholesaler,exporter,manufacturer,find the best everyday drinking glasses at RuixinGlass,We offer a wide selection of qua...Read More>>
Custom Made Champagne Glasses At RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-09-07Custom Made Champagne Glasses At RuixinGlass,We are professional custom Champagne Cup, so far we are engaged in the glassware customization has 10 yea...Read More>>
Buy large crystal wine glasses in bulk at RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-09-06Buy large crystal wine glasses in bulk at RuixinGlass,We are a glassware manufacturer in China, engaged in glassware manufacturing for ten years, in 2...Read More>>
Bulk Buy Nice Wine Glasses At RuixinaGlass
Release on 2017-09-05Bulk Buy Nice Wine Glasses At RuixinaGlass,wine glasses product is very common and many people think is not what a glass quality requirements, which i...Read More>>
Custom made personalized crystal whiskey glasses At RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-08-30Looking for whisky glasses custom Maker & manufacturer At RuixinGlass,We have 10 years of experience in glassware customized services, customized pers...Read More>>
Typhoon No. 14 "Parker" affect the company's delay in shipment port two days
Release on 2017-08-26According to the latest news from the Guangdong port and maritime bureau, No. 14 typhoon "Parker" decides a port, waiting for the typhoon in the open ...Read More>>
Stylish Whisky Glasses | Custom Whiskey Glass - At RuixinGlass
Release on 2017-08-16RuixinGlass was founded in 2005, is a professional manufacturer of glass company, factory located in Shanxi factory Chinese, there are now 6 glass pro...Read More>>
Mini beer glasses customized
Release on 2017-07-24Chinese beer glasses manufacturer mini beer glasses supplier, for many sellers want to have a satisfied beer cup printing their own logo, but in many ...Read More>>
After 4 years, Ruixin Glass contract to Heineken
Release on 2017-07-19Heineken has won the lucrative 10-year contract to supply beer to Amsterdam’s Johan Cruijff Arena football stadium, beating Grolsch which has been th...Read More>>
There are several ways to print logo on glass cup
Release on 2017-07-18Screen printing is a kind of orifice printing technology. The principle is to make the ink pass through the hole plate through the pressure so that th...Read More>>
Customized gifts advertising glass cup need to pay attention to matter
Release on 2017-07-17We customized advertising / gift glass cup, so as to attract more of its customers, new customers and old customers or give some benefits, so they oft...Read More>>
Mason jar salad practice
Release on 2017-07-13Mason jar salad practice It's getting warmer. I'm about to take off my coat. The whole winter is fat, N Jin's rabbit's bud is a little dirty. To get r...Read More>>
What does the candle holders for at the wedding ?
Release on 2017-07-12The first is the candle holders, and most of the modern wedding candles are lit by the new couple as a ceremony. In ancient times there has been a Chi...Read More>>
Common types of cocktail cups
Release on 2017-07-11Cocktail is a kind of wine made from base liquor and mixed with many kinds of auxiliary materials. It is very popular. Most of you need ice or ice aft...Read More>>
Process for making bodum glass cups
Release on 2017-07-07         There is big difference in bodum glass cups and ordinary glass in the production process, and many complex steps than ordinary glass...Read More>>
What kind of wine has a shot glass
Release on 2017-07-05I began to have a variety of wine names from time, to contact us in life some cup Name: shot glass, goblet, dwarf cup, Bordeaux cup, wine cup, wine cu...Read More>>
The making process of drinking glass
Release on 2017-07-03The main raw materials of glass are: quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid and so on. Drinking glass production process includes batc...Read More>>