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Glassware manufacturers tell you how much it would cost to customize a water glass

Glassware manufacturers tell you how much it would cost to customize a water glass,Many businesses want to purchase their own custom know a cup of red wine really need to spend much money here RuixinGlass to tell you that in the manufacturing sector developed a custom China cup price is very cheap, if you need to customize the number very much so every one out of the production of glass the cost will be much lower, for example, following the green cup, it is machine produced and then molding after spray color, the total cost of a cup about 0.5 dollars, if you mass production so a cup costs can be controlled at 0.3 dollars,

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But this does not include the cost of packaging it, although the glass production cost is low but the packaging it is very expensive, for example, if you use the box to wrap it so the price will rise, another point is that if you are in the United States or other countries, from China to transport your country will take some the cost of transportation, but in general a cup from China manufacturers produced after packaging in the transport to the American market to sell, it will cost a lot cheaper than the domestic cup, just like a cup of wine on Amazon will spend $4 to buy, but in Chinese only need to spend $1.5 to buy.

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