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Glass bottles than plastic bottles is more appropriate to store wine

According to MSNJAPAN reported that with the rise of the wine industry, the way of dress and packaging are more and more beautiful, repeatedly innovative, the market gradually began to use the plastic bag made of vacuum paper bags Packaging of red wine products. Many people think that compared with the glass bottle with cork to Sheng wine, this plastic bag, thick paper bag packaging wine bottles can better store wine, does not know that this packaging is easier than the traditional glass bottles of red wine Bad. 
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In this case,
According to the University of California, published in the "Agriculture and Food Chemistry" magazine on the results of food science research shows that used in thick paper bags of plastic than ordinary plastic thinner, oxygen can be easier to pass. Although the cork has good ventilation effect, but it is different from the plastic bag with a larger surface area, easier to contact with oxygen and oxygen due to acidification and deterioration.
In this case, 
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In the process of wine shelf life, temperature management is an indispensable factor. Researchers through the study found that no matter how high-grade red wine in high temperature conditions are easy to degenerate, but the wine in the paper bag packaging wine bottle than the red wine temperature is more likely to rise. In other words, when the temperature rises, the glass bottle of red wine is more sufficient to withstand high temperatures, save longer, more difficult to bad metamorphic acid.
In this case, 
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Therefore, we need to consider when buying red wine, imported wine are shipped from foreign countries, in the process may be the existence of poor temperature management, and paper bags of red wine may be more susceptible to deterioration, in order to enjoy the delicious taste of red wine , Or to buy glass bottles of red wine better.